5th March 2013

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Mosquito type sound like a battery, like a charging, moving from a low frequency to a high frequency, very sort of pure tones. Definitely a synthesizer vibe, like sort of a 1970s Moog synthesizer. More of the lower to higher frequencies and multiple synth lines coming together. And breaking into a dissonant noise thing and coming back into a melodic thing.

Test. Feel like standardized testing. Hmm. Whoah. Like seriously out of whack oscillator twisting around itself going up and down very quickly and spiking.

More 1980s Blade Runner descending synth line. Sort of a dark sound. Really bizarre, really kind of movement in the synthesizers. They’re all very lowbit type sounds.

4th March 2013

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3rd March 2013


I see something over my head, something hovering. That’s blocking the light. Kind of flapping, so the light comes on and off. It’s bird’s wings, very big bird, very close to me. Big dark spot, moving. Hmm. What’s that? What’s that? Hmm. What is that? Slow motion bird flapping its wings. Right there? It’s torture. Closing the book. It’s all very dreamy, like slowed down animation.

2nd March 2013

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1st March 2013

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I see the infinity symbol morphing into a Gordian knot.

Scribbles on a piece of paper or an electron cloud.

Jesus Christ on the cross.

An hourglass.

Some sort of insect that’s bifurcated with many legs and small black eyes.

Flaming scythe sort of moving in circles, creating the effect of a tornado viewed from above.

Some sort of cube with a star of David jutting out from its sides.

A galaxy viewed from far away slowly whirling around its center.

28th February 2013


27th February 2013

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Visually I’m seeing an inverted pentagram, oddly.

The shape of a small metal bracket.

The word “grandiose” just popped into my head.

Chinese checkers.

The Swiss alps.

I see the shape of an “S” spline curve.

And in the noise I can make out distant Gregorian singing, massed singing.

I can sort of see shapes like re-entry, coming back from space, sort of contrails.

A thin melody like upper whistling.

The word “piecemeal”.

A long, non-repeating melody, sort of a long snaking pentatonic melody with no regular rhythm.

26th February 2013


25th February 2013

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The noise is undulating. It’s like a wavering maybe. It’s hard to
speak because the sound of my voice is interrupting. There’s like a
white triangle. Waves. There are waves. They kind of pulse. One, two,
three, four, five. Waves of darkness that pulse in and out. They’re
really regular. They move into the circle, there’s like a circle at
the center. A circle of white and the blackness consumes it. It
disappears and it disappears and it disappears, disappears. A bit
slower. Disappears. Speeds up. It’s like these luminous rings and they
 move away. Everything is slower. They dissolve. Now there’s just a

24th February 2013