23rd February 2013

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Now, I think it’s a large room, like an aeroplane hangar. And in one corner there’s a man beating a drum, quite slowly, boom boom. I’m on the other side. Or the person is on the other side of the hangar and the idea is that someone sits on a trolley at the other end of the hangar and they are slowly wheeled toward the drummer at the other end of the hangar. Now the person is being pushed slowly towards them, but there’s now some kind of instrument, I don’t know what it is, some kind of stringed instrument coming from behind them, in the other corner. It’s some kind of really old instrument, kind of twangy sounds, the drum’s beating quite
slowly, boom boom, and this stringed instrument, I don’t know what it
is, but it’s receding, and the drum’s getting louder. The floor is
very cold. Cold coming up. It’s like the room is getting colder. The
drum’s getting louder, the string’s getting quieter, the room is
getting much, much colder. It’s like icy cold on the concrete floor.
And it’s getting brighter and lighter in the room as well. Now there’s
some more, there’s some music coming out of a speaker somewhere inside the trolley, like underneath the trolley. Quite nice keyboards,
pleasant, rhythmical, quite quiet. The sound is quite quiet, coming up
through the trolley. The drum’s getting louder still, quite close to
it now, the string instrument’s really quiet now, and the tinkling of
the piano keys. It’s still getting colder, it’s really shivery,
shivering cold. The drum’s getting faster now. And now.

22nd February 2013


The river darts. Little waterfalls. Roar of aurora borealis. These are the dangers of free association. I’ve gotta bring the attention back, keep my focus. I feel as if there’s a kind of roar of blood in your ears when you run to catch a bus or something, and that’s this roar except it’s a kind of peaceful
sound. It’s quite easy to screen out, of course it’s very complex but
you can just screen it out. Yeah, no, I just … [sighs]

21st February 2013

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And now I’m seeing a beach, I’m getting visual stimuli. That seems to be
working, but I am focusing in, but he signal must be quite brief if
it’s going to be tenuously transmitted to me. I’m going to go back to
my few notes on the keyboard, I can kind of see where the fingers are
and what they are doing, kind of three or four notes, but I can’t
actually do anything more with that. It’s a kind of suspenseful music,
so I could imagine it as part of a film where we’re supposed to pay
attention to what’s going on and its slightly frightening. I’m getting
weather extremes, that’s an obvious things. Beaches.

20th February 2013

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Love in darkness. Machine noise. Some speaking. Smoke. Whispering. A
derive around the city. Fresh fruit in your hand. A city that works,
functions. Sort of skipping in the pavement. Find the metros. Adverts
made up. Fresh sky. Turn into a bakery. Buy a baguette. Fresh bread.
Walk out again. Keep on walking until you reach … reach the end of
the road. Suddenly see a storm. At the center of it there’s a black
polygon. It’s kind of … what shape is it? Slowly moving. Out
towards the boundaries of the space.

19th February 2013

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18th February 2013

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DSM-III, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3rd ed.), published by the American Psychiatric Association, provides what it calls “Diagnostic Criteria for Schizotypal Personality Disorder”. Top of the list of eight criteria comes ‘magical thinking, e.g., superstitiousness, clairvoyance, telepathy, “6th sense”, “others can feel my feelings”’. This is ‘telepathy’ in one of its most highly determined forms. No need to have any uncertainty about the meaning of the word: belief in ‘telepathy’ is a definite symptom, a sure sign of the schizotypal.

Nicholas Royle, Telepathy and LIterature, Oxford: Blackwell, 1990, 4.

17th February 2013

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16th February 2013

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The image that I’ve got in my mind is a simple one. An apple, a very
crunchy apple that’s been bitten and crunched.

15th February 2013

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14th February 2013

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Um. I think kind of a triangular shape. I don’t know if that’s musical, but I
guess a triangle is a musical instrument. So. A triangle.