7th January 2013

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I hear something very resonant, spacious, echoey…sort of twisty turny…

Now I start to hear more of a pulse. Still echoey, sort of like digital delay echoey, more like uh, angular and sharp and defined. Jumpy.

 Mostly midrangy and a little higher…and s’like there’s something low…coming in…now.

 The low music is very slow moving against this jumpy upper music.

 I seem to keep having images of canyons, for some reason.

 Big canyons.

 Everything seems to have slowed down…

 …but everything is much more dense.

 if there were a mood, it might be claustrophobic.

 If it were musically described it might be chromatic or microtonally cluster-y.

 Sort of like walking down a long long tunnel with no light, waiting for the light to appear at the end.

 …and now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…but it’s not daylight.

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