10th January 2013

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I see a shark with three dorsal fins. Singing at the end of a tunnel. Short fat men at the end of a tunnel singing. Ck Ck Ck Ck Ck (grinding rhythmic throat noise). The sound of two gongs facing each other. Convex side out. Slapping into one another. Microtonal calliope music. There’s a long straight paved hill and at the top of the hill fifty hubcaps are released and they all start rolling down the hill together. A lot of dancing and clattering in the hubcabs.  Yeow whoop whoop whoop whoop. (sings little riff). Boots in the snow. Ice cubes in a glass. All at once. The sound of geese trying to fly through a waterfall. Ooooooooh. (sings note). Ohhhhhwaahh (groan/throatsing). Aaaauugh.

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